Author Topic: App Design - The Experiences Of A Mobility Startup  (Read 129 times)


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App Design - The Experiences Of A Mobility Startup
« on: February 04, 2015, 02:59:07 am »
App Design - The Experiences Of A Mobility Startup

It's been more than 24 months since we got on the smartphone app bandwagon, realizing that something exciting was happening with how information was getting consumed or processed via thin clients.

And over this time, our development philosophy has evolved dramatically, having turned on its head more than a few times before finally centering around design. We believe that design-centric development helps us best overcome the real estate limitations of a smartphone or tablet while also creating an experience that enables the end user's visual and visceral senses. All of our iphone application development,and  android application development App projects ever since have revolved around three design led tenets-

Design For Simplicity - The downside to the fast, touch driven smartphones available today is that all this computing power comes with a disproportional amount of interface space on the screen. A quick look at some of the apps on each of our smartphones will easily validate a multitude of the  cluttered, noisy interfaces we interact with.... Even in our IT services experience we have seen clients asking for a whole host of requirements to be built into app projects, but that doesn't necessarily mean putting it all out here. Our design focus has been to deeply look at gesture driven multi level interfaces, leveraging single screen as far as possible and just keeping it plain and simple - "from too much to just right".

Design To Complement Functionality - Most Apps, consumer or commercial, revolve around a core objective that is supported by a finite functionality set. Our design approach has evolved to work backwards just so to first enhance these functional elements and therefore think about how they need to show up on the interface . Every gesture, every button press, every visualization, and every screen is designed to minimize the number of steps without diluting the main functional requirement. It just has to work....without breaking a sweat!

Design To Support Scalability - We always try to ensure that the underlying architecture would allow non-existent modules to be racked and stacked on demand. This was  really a function of the large number of repeat conversations we started having with customers about further enhancements and add ons, and in quick time. The trick was in some sense to find the right balance between Lego and  Play-Doh:  incorporating multiple levels of modularity without compromising customization. Our framework design has evolved to a point where we can create a base architecture for complex smartphone apps within a few hours!


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It is designed with a good simplicity.


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